Monthly Meetings


IAA (Vic) (Inventors Association of Australia, Victoria) have their monthly inventor meetings on the first Wednesday of each month February to November. The December meeting is our Christmas breakup party and Inventor-of-the-Year competition judging for which tickets are available and we do not meet in January.


We meet at the Community Centre, 45 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria – a sign board is placed on the pathway out the front.

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The main meeting begins at 7.30 pm during which we discuss aspects of inventions and inventing, we usually have an inventor present their invention as part of our Inventor-of-the-Year competition, we have a guest speaker and we make announcements that may be of interest and play a short, relevant video.

Before the main meeting at 6.30pm there is a three quarter hour discussion session and tutorial on patents and intellectual property by a registered patent attorney. The meeting concludes at 9.30pm with hot, finger-food, coffee, tea and cake which is a good time to network and meet other inventors.

Problem Corner and nightly door prize

As part of the meeting we have a session called “Problem Corner” where any inventor can ask a question about a problem they are having with manufacturing, sourcing materials etc. and if somebody can help them they discuss it over supper at the end. We also have a door prize drawn each evening.


Visitors are always welcome at a cost of $20 entry part of which is refunded (not country members) if they take out membership within a reasonable time. Members pay $5 entry.

To Join

To join costs $200 for the first year and the annual renewal is $80 with a 75% discount for residents more than 70km from the Melbourne GPO or tertiary students. If you are an inventor you will get your joining fee back in benefits and free information on the first or second meeting so it makes good financial sense to become a member. You can join here.

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