IAA(Vic) Membership

IAA(Vic) Membership Package

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Here is what you receive:

  • Valuable information at meetings
  • Feasibility committee available to help advise you on your invention
  • Our Inventor of the Year competition
  • Inventor Boot Camp book “Practical Guide to Inventing” by Bill Allardyce in PDF
  • Your own webpage on our website
  • Sponsored services by professionals
  • Your own video can be loaded to our Youtube channel
  • A search box on our website that brings up information from years of our newsletters which includes our guest speakers and other information discussed at meetings
  • All meetings are recorded to YouTube and members receive links to all our past videos as well as the video of each monthly meeting
  • Link to a low-cost patent searcher
  • Other links to investor information and intellectual property information
  • Tips on great presentations we have had at our meetings and which month they occurred
  • Email alerts throughout the year about invention competitions and grants as well as TV shows looking for inventors and newspaper journalists looking for stories
  • Emailed monthly newsletters
  • Problem corner at meetings where you can ask about information that you are seeking

Two Joining Options

There are two membership options depending on your residence location.

Melbourne Joining Form – Melbourne is for residences within 70Km of the Melbourne GPO.

Country Victoria, Interstate and International Joining Form – Country, interstate and international is for residences more than 70km from the Melbourne GPO

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