About the IAA(Vic)

Inventors Vic Logo wide_2013WHO WE ARE

The Inventors Association of Australia (Victoria) – IAA(Vic) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization which has been run in Victoria since 1989 by an enthusiastic volunteer committee. Before that Victorian inventors were part of the Inventors Association of Australia Ltd.  for approximately three decades so we are well established.

We run monthly meetings, Inventor-of-the-Year competition, we publish a monthly newsletter and we video each meeting which is available for members on YouTube so they can review important information. Country members pay 40% of city member’s annual dues and 25% of city member’s joining fees in recognition of their inability to attend meetings and they can access meetings on YouTube if they cannot make it in person.

Our members are all individuals with an interest in inventing and they consist of prolific inventors, successful business owners, people with a good idea and people who just enjoy the company of other inventors.

A couple of famous Victorian members or past members are: George Lewin – Triton workbench and Frank Bishop – digital multimeter, courtyard sensor light. Other Victorian member’s inventions include Aussie Chopsticks, Letterbomb Detection, Squatter and Motus board games, Boom Bandit smart phone crane, Pump Defenda firepump protection, One Minute Christmas Tree, Eco switch power saver, Coolamon shopping stroller, Toybo storage system, Modular bathrooms, and many more.


Peter O'ShannessyAbout the IAA(Vic)