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Think you have a good idea?

You have come to the right place. Our feasibility committee will advise you and through our guest speakers, newsletters and videos our members keep up with marketing, selling, developing, manufacturing, pitching to investors and many other aspects of the inventing process.

Invest in yourself for a small price and save thousands (or tens of thousands)

We recommend you invest in yourself by joining our association if you have ideas because the benefits of the information far outweigh the small cost of membership.

Becoming a member – Local/country/interstate/international

You can find out more about joining  here or by watching the video below.

Many of our inventors have lost thousands of dollars on websites that promise to market or develop their invention before joining our association. You can avoid that risk for our very small membership cost.

Please be careful of internet sites offering to develop or market your invention for you

We are a not-for-profit association formed to help inventors, but we do not buy inventions or develop your ideas or your business for you. We have a feasibility committee (members only) who will assess your invention and help with suggestions of what to do next, but please be extremely wary of companies on the internet that promise to develop your invention for you. For more information on this go to Invention DevelopmentIf you have a good idea you want to sell please have a read of Selling Your Idea.

Members who cannot attend Melbourne meetings (country Victoria, Interstate or International) can keep up to  date with the videos of our monthly meetings on YouTube and our newsletters by email.

You are most welcome to come along to a meeting

If you love to see the latest gadgets or serious problem-solving ideas, or you simply enjoy the experience of inventions you will find our monthly meetings interesting, entertaining and enjoyable. You are welcome to attend our next meeting –  details under Members Services

You will gain the most from attending our meetings (or watching them on YouTube – financial members only). To view a summary of the 2014 year as an example of our association’s work you can go to our Christmas Party / Inventor of the Year competition video. Other videos are found on our YouTube channel Inventorvic.

How one inventor made $2 million profit

Buzz Cousins tells the amusing story of his letter bomb detector.

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